The important thing to know about breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is the type of plastic surgery that aims at increasing the size, fullness, or shape of one’s breast. The surgeon places implants such as saline, silicone, or any other acceptable implants under the patient’s breast tissues or breast muscles. In the past, people used to fear plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentations but nowadays, people are starting to empress it due to technological advances. Breast augmentation has also become very safe considering that there are experienced and talented plastic surgeons such as Dr Leonard Hochstein in charge. According to ASPS, the number of patients seeking breast augmentation services has gone up simply because they feel safe and confident with board-certified plastic surgeons.
Why do people opt for breast augmentation?
There are many reasons why people go for breast augmentation these days. Breast augmentation is simply done to enlarge breasts, restore the shape and size of breasts, make the breast symmetrical, and breast restoration, especially after surgery.
Understanding more about breast implants
Before you think of going for breast augmentation, it is very important to start by finding out what implants are. Breast implants are simply prostheses that are normally placed under the breast tissues for reconstruction and augmentation. Three major types of breast implants can be used for augmentation. They include saline implants, silicone implants, and composite implants.
What you should expect during a breast augmentation
Before opting for a breast augmentation procedure, Dr. Hochstein is advising you to think about it critically before making your decision. This is because breast augmentation is a type of surgery with possible risks. Although he is an expert in plastic surgery and has done plenty of such surgeries, he would want you to be sure of it before you go for it.